Our mission is to create a community that empowers diverse self-love.
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Adorable Angel

Adorable Angel is everyone's favorite. Her mission is to help little girls love themselves inside and out. With her curly black hair and brown eyes, she is ready to take over the world with you. She loves trying new things. If she doesn't know something, she is not afraid to ask questions. She believes in community and hard work. 

Her hair comes with a twist. 

Our Fusion Princesses are able to style her hair. 

The red dress will be available soon!

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About Us

I was born in Haiti, a predominantly black nation. I can remember as early as the age of 9 battling self-appreciation and self-esteem due to the bombardment of toys and media imagery fair complexion women with sleek straight hair. 

I remember that the perception of self-love started to enter my mind when my uncle gave my sister and I a black doll to share. I loved that doll. Some of my first memories are of my sister and I fighting over our Barbie.


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