Fusion Dolls: A Beautiful Celebration of Diversity and Self Esteem By Victoria Robillard

Have you ever met someone who’s face lights with the passion they are pursuing? It’s exciting, it’s powerful, it’s captivating. That is the feeling I got when I met Widline from Brockton, the found and creator of Fusion Dolls, a doll created with the mission to “spread diversity, awareness, and encourage your girls to love themselves inside out.”

After meeting Widline and seeing her beautiful dolls I purchased one for my daughter. Not because I think my daughter will identify with the doll’s appearance but because I think it is important to expose my children to as much diversity as possible. My daughter is in love with the doll who she has named Rosie, and as a parent it is an easy way to start a discussion about the importance of diversity, and to develop awareness and interest in other cultures right in our back yard.

“Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization”

Mahatma Gandhi

Widline is an inspiration. Her mission and passion light up her faces as she talks about her dolls. She is a beautiful person inside and out, and she is inspiration to girls and women of all ethnicities. Get your beautiful doll today.

We empower our young children through Multicultural Dolls and we spread diversity awareness

Fearfully Wonderfully You!

Visit their website to see these beautiful dolls.



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