Our Dolls are Back!

Last month we were sold out! Thanks to many of you who order dolls for your kids and donated dolls to St Mary Center for Women and Children.

I Cannot thank you enough for your kindness. Special thanks to Boston Baby photos who brought all her family and friends to us.

In a world full of injustice, it's great to be able to do put smile into kids faces. Fusion Dolls was created to spread diversity awareness and encourage our kids to love themselves inside and out and we are doing all we can to reach more kids.

Visit our website to give a doll to someone you love www.fusiondolls.com

We are having a giveaway!

Currently we have a giveaway going on with the toddler who reads. Follow us on instagram to participate www.instagram.com/Fusiondolls

Our Dolls are back in Stock!


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