This beautiful bi-racial doll is the sum of all her parts. Adelaida is of African and European desent. Her name means 'nobel kind'. She has a mass of black curly hair, brown eyes and light, smooth skin that shines. Her hair can be sown into braids.  2 Matching mother daughter bonnets

Beautiful Biracial Doll Adelaida with 2 Matching Mother-Daughter Bonnets

  • This doll like all of Fusion Dolls' are a perfrect child simulaiton product. his toy doll is a simulation of a child which can be pampered, loved and taken care of like a child.

    Our dolls have 360˚ rotaitng arms, legs & head. She can sit, and hold out her arms. This doll is 12 inches tall. 

    We use sofr vinyl made out of non-toxic PVC which is durable and resemble the skin of a child. These materials are also environmentally friendly and will not cause any skin irritation or allergies in children.

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