Fusion Dolls is collaborating with "  For the Kids " A Haitian Based Organization , to  Donate 200 Dolls  to 200 Kids in Haiti. For The Kids’ mission is to provide first and longterm aid to orphans in Haiti.  They strive to not only feed them, but to give them healthcare, education, and guide them towards a successful path in life. 


They have to main events during the year


1) Back to school event 

2) Holiday Celebrations 

Our founder is originally from Haiti, this means a lot to her to be able to give back to her roots.  Together you will be able to bring smiles, joy, hope  to the kids in Haiti.



The dolls needs to get to Haiti by November let us know if you have any questions for us.

Thank you for your donations 




Learn more about for the kids here: http://www.forthekidsofhaiti.com/


Donate a doll to Haiti with us today!


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