Kinara is a patriotic Haitian. Her favorite holiday is Haitian Flag Day. Kinara especially enjoys going to the parade with her friends and loved ones. With her beautiful curls, welcoming smile, and realistic look, Kinara has the ability to become everyone’s favorite. Her cuddly and soft body nurtures a child’s social skills while engaging in playtime

Beautiful Black Doll Kinara, 12 inch doll, Black Doll, African Doll

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  • This doll like all of Fusion Dolls' are a perfrect child simulaiton product. his toy doll is a simulation of a child which can be pampered, loved and taken care of like a child.

    Our dolls have 360˚ rotaitng arms, legs & head. She can sit, and hold out her arms. This doll is 12 inches tall. 

    We use sofr vinyl made out of non-toxic PVC which is durable and resemble the skin of a child. These materials are also environmentally friendly and will not cause any skin irritation or allergies in children.

  • Fusion dolls are packaged and ship 2 - 5 business days after order is made. 

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