Malaika means “angel” in Swahili. Just like her name, she is as sweet as can be. Kindness is her superpower! Motivated Malaika’s mission is to help little girls stand up for what they believe in and work hard to make their dreams into reality.

With her personality, she can get out of any trouble. Whenever she starts something, her energy is so strong that it’s contagious. At this time, she is motivated to fight for equality and social justice. She helps her mom make signs for her to go protest and make calls to elected officials to make sure that they are making changes in her community.

  • The 12-inch Malaika doll has grey eyes and Curly black hair.
  • Her favorite outfit is her beautiful white dress with a flower headband.
  • Her favorite colors are all shades of blue.
  • Matching Mother & Daughter Bonnet 

Motivated Malaika- Beautiful Black Doll

SKU: 0009
  • This doll like all of Fusion Dolls' are a perfrect child simulaiton product. his toy doll is a simulation of a child which can be pampered, loved and taken care of like a child.

    Our dolls have 360˚ rotaitng arms, legs & head. She can sit, and hold out her arms. This doll is 12 inches tall. 

    We use sofr vinyl made out of non-toxic PVC which is durable and resemble the skin of a child. These materials are also environmentally friendly.

  • Fusion dolls are packaged and ship 2 - 5 business days after order is made. 

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