Beautiful Black Doll Malaika toy Doll | African American| Soft Vinyl Made| Child simulation | 12-inch tall | Custom-made dresses | Curly haired doll | Acrylic eyes | 360˚ rotating arms and legs | PVC material | Non-toxic materia


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   MALAIKA TOY DOLL – Doll of African descent named Malaika after the Swahili word for angels. She has a mass of black curly hair, brown eyes and dark, smooth skin that shines. Her hair can be sown into braids.

    CHILD SIMULATION- This toy doll is a simulation of a child which can be pampered, loved and taken care of like a child.  

    SOFY VINYL - made of non-toxic PVC and soft vinyl that resembles the skin of a child. These materials are environmentally friendly and will not cause any skin irritation or allergies in children.

    360˚ ROTATING ARMS, LEGS, & HEAD – Head, arms and legs can be rotated a full 360˚, and she can sit and hold out her arms.